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Born: February 9, 1965 - Pervouralsk (URS)

Igor Malkov became Olympic champion on the 10,000 meters at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. Six days earlier he finshed second, with a margin of only 0.02 seconds, behind Swede Tomas Gustafson on the 5000 meters. On the 10,000 meters he beat the same Gustafson with a margin of 0,05 seconds. With this achievement he came, at the age of 19 years and 9 days, the youngest champion in Olympic speed skating history, which he still is today (December 2013).

The 10,000 meters, the longest distance skated in championships, was his speciality. Not only due to his gold medal at the Olympics but also due to his barrier breaking record earlier that season. A few days after Christmas 1983 he smashed Tomas Gustafson 's world record of 14:23.59 by almost half a minute at the high altitude rink Medeo in Alma Aty. With his 13:54.81 he broke the 14 minute barrier. However, the world record was never recognized by the ISU. At the end of the season he set his only official world record, breaking Gustafson 's world record by only 2 seconds.

In the two years after his Olympic gold he qualified for the international allround championships, but never ranked higher than the 10th position at the 1986 world championship. In the 1988 Olympic season he tried to make a comeback. He did race several World Cups, but he failed to qualify for the Olympics in Calgary.

Machiel Smit, December 1, 2013

Career summary

Podia at championships

19842 Olympic Winter Games 5000 metersSarajevoYUG
1 Olympic Winter Games 10,000 metersSarajevoYUG

World Records

110,000 meters14:21.51Mar 24, 1984MedeoURS

Personal Bests

500m0:39.28Mar 28, 1983MedeoURS
1000m1:16.99Mar 28, 1983MedeoURS
1500m1:54.35Dec 27, 1983MedeoURS
3000m4:06.54Dec 1, 1984Karl-Marx-StadtGDR
5000m6:52.69Mar 23, 1984MedeoURS
10,000m13:54.81Dec 28, 1983MedeoURS

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