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Born: March 8, 1939 - Zlatoust (URS)

The Soviet women heavily dominated the international female skating scene from 1948 until the emergence of a few Dutch rivals in the late 1960s. In fact, from 1948 to 1966, Soviet women won all world championships except the one in 1951 (in which there was no Soviet participation). One of the most pronounced female skaters from this period is Lidiya Skoblikova of Chelyabinsk, who made her international debut in 1959, when she finished 3rd in the world championships. In the 5 years to follow she vigorously left her mark on the ice.

In 1960 she won Olympic gold on 1500 and 3000 meters. Only a fall on the 1000 meters prevented her from celebrating her first world champion title the same season. Instead the fall relegated her to the bronze medal, a position she repeated in 1961. In 1962 she advanced to silver. In the two seasons to follow, 1963 and 1964, she was unbeatable in the international championships, as evidenced by the fact that she won all distances in the 1963 and 1964 world championships and all 4 golds in the 1964 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck. Ironically, she ended up only second in the 1964 Soviet championships without winning a single distance!

After these successful years, Skoblikova did not do much which deserves attention in 1965 and 1966. However, in 1967 she made an international comeback which initially was very promising, as she made a world record in 3000 meters and won the two shortest distances in the pre-olympic races in Grenoble. Unfortunately, she did not manage to keep her good form in the ensuing Olympic season, her last, when she produced only modest results. Strange as it may seem, Skoblikova never made it to the top of the Adelskalenderen.

Robert Hovde, December 1, 2013

Career summary

Podia at championships

19593 World Championship AllroundSverdlovskURS
19601 Olympic Winter Games 1500 metersSquaw ValleyUSA
1 Olympic Winter Games 3000 metersSquaw ValleyUSA
3 World Championship AllroundÖstersundSWE
19613 World Championship AllroundTønsbergNOR
19622 World Championship AllroundImatraFIN
19631 World Championship AllroundKaruizawaJPN
19641 Olympic Winter Games 500 metersInnsbruckAUT
1 Olympic Winter Games 1000 metersInnsbruckAUT
1 Olympic Winter Games 1500 metersInnsbruckAUT
1 Olympic Winter Games 3000 metersInnsbruckAUT
1 World Championship AllroundKristinehamnSWE

World Records

11500 meters2:25.2Feb 21, 1960Squaw ValleyUSA
21000 meters1:31.8Feb 22, 1963KaruizawaJPN
33000 meters5:05.9Jan 15, 1967OsloNOR

Personal Bests

500m0:45.0Jan 30, 1964InnsbruckAUT
1000m1:31.8Feb 22, 1963KaruizawaJPN
1500m2:22.6Jan 31, 1964InnsbruckAUT
3000m5:05.9Jan 15, 1967OsloNOR

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