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Born: March 12, 1923 - Rødøy (NOR)
Died: March 27, 2013 - Oslo (NOR)

Hjalmar Andersen was born on Rødøy, an island off the coast of Nordland in Norway. He grew up on Lademoen, a part of Trondheim where mostly workers lived, and where sport and friendship was an important part of life.

He made his international debut during the Olympic Games in St.Moritz 1948. He won the qualifying race for 1500 meters, but he was still not selected for the Norwegian team for this distance. He was selected for the 10000 meters team, but because of the terrible ice conditions he did not finish the race.

He was the best skater of the world in the period of 1950-1952. He was 3 times World Champion and 3 times European Champion in this period. For over 50 years he was the only skater to win six consecutive allround titles. This record was broken by Sven Kramer in 2009 and in 2010 Kramer set the current record on eight consecutive wins. This streak of Andersen was impressive, but may be more impressive were his 3 gold medals at the 1952 Olympic Games in Oslo (1500, 5000 and 10000 meters).

He quit skating after the 1952 Olympics, but he was talked into a new try in 1954. He won both the 5000 and 10000 meters at the European Championship in Davos this year, and he was second in the overall classification. He qualified for the 1956 Olympics and earned a 6th place in the 10k.

His 10000 meters world record in 1949 was the first official record below 17 minutes. He improved his own record twice and hold the record for over 11 years. He lead the Adelskalender from February 10th 1952 until January 18th 1954, a total of 708 days.

He was a great bycyclist as well, and in 1951 he was awarded "Egebergs Ærespris" (Honorary Price of Egeberg) for his achievements in speed skating and cycling.

Bjarte Hetland, December 1, 2013

Career summary

Podia at championships

19492 European Championship AllroundDavosSUI
19501 World Championship AllroundEskilstunaSWE
1 European Championship AllroundHelsinkiFIN
19511 World Championship AllroundDavosSUI
1 European Championship AllroundOsloNOR
19521 Olympic Winter Games 1500 metersOsloNOR
1 Olympic Winter Games 5000 metersOsloNOR
1 Olympic Winter Games 10,000 metersOsloNOR
1 World Championship AllroundHamarNOR
1 European Championship AllroundÖstersundSWE
19542 European Championship AllroundDavosSUI

World Records

110,000 meters16:57.4Feb 6, 1949DavosSUI
25000 meters8:07.3Jan 13, 1951TrondheimNOR
310,000 meters16:51.4Jan 27, 1952GjøvikNOR
410,000 meters16:32.6Feb 10, 1952HamarNOR

Personal Bests

500m0:41.8Jan 13, 1951TrondheimNOR
1000m1:28.4Feb 2, 1954DavosSUI
1500m2:13.8Feb 6, 1949DavosSUI
3000m4:40.2Jan 30, 1954DavosSUI
5000m7:45.6Jan 29, 1956MisurinaITA
10,000m16:32.6Feb 10, 1952HamarNOR

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