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Born: May 25, 1950 - Sverdlovsk Oblast (URS)

Yevgeni Kulikov, from Bogdanovich in the Sverdlovsk Region, was the first to break the 38 seconds barrier on 500 m. He was also the first to skate a sub 1.16.0 1000 m. During two weeks in the spring of 1975 he lowered the 500 m World Record four times, finishing with 37.00, exactly one second below the previous World Record. He was the World Record holder for 8 years, and he lowered his World Record once more, in 1981, also becoming the first to set a sub 37 seconds World Record.

He became Olympic 500 m champion in Innsbruck 1976. A remarkable achievement, considering the fact that he had a cold and fever during his race. Four years later he was still World Record holder, but this time he was beaten by 5 times Olympic champion Eric Heiden.

He won a silver medal at the 1975 World Sprint Championships, only beaten by his teammate Aleksander Safronov by 0.12 points. In 1977 he won a bronze medal at the World Sprint Championships. He won the national sprint championships of Soviet twice, in 1975 and 1976. He received the Oscar Mathisen Award in 1975.

After he retired he was national team coach from 1981 to 1984, and head speed skating coach for Lokomotiv from 1984 to 1986. Since then he has been active in sports administration and politics, also serving as vice president of the Russian Skating Union.

Bjarte Hetland, January 28, 2014

Career summary

Podia at championships

19752 World Championship SprintGöteborgSWE
19761 Olympic Winter Games 500 metersInnsbruckAUT
19773 World Championship SprintAlkmaarNED
19802 Olympic Winter Games 500 metersLake PlacidUSA

World Records

1500 meters0:37.99Mar 15, 1975MedeoKAZ
2500 meters0:37.97Mar 16, 1975MedeoKAZ
3500 meters0:37.20Mar 28, 1975MedeoKAZ
4500 meters0:37.00Mar 29, 1975MedeoKAZ
5Sprint combination153.250Mar 28/29, 1975MedeoKAZ
61000 meters1:15.70Mar 20, 1976MedeoKAZ
7Sprint combination151.190Mar 20/21, 1976MedeoKAZ
81000 meters1:15.33Mar 19, 1977MedeoKAZ
9500 meters0:36.91Mar 28, 1981MedeoKAZ

Personal Bests

500m0:36.91Mar 28, 1981MedeoKAZ
1000m1:15.33Mar 19, 1977MedeoKAZ

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